Shop in Singapore

Jade Stores in Singapore mostly delivers quality for high prices.

Which is somehow understandable considering the costs of the stores and the fact that the city state already became one of Asia's most expensive places, they must have a awful inflation.

A Jade shop in Singapore.

Here they sell highly expensive jewelry and objects, since this mineral is high on the shopping list of mainly Chinese people quite some money can be made. Not only that it looks good as a gorgeous bracelet, ring, necklace or pendant, the prices are continuously rising.

The picture below is from Lavalier at Sands Casino Singapore, doesn't that look beautiful? Especially the carved bangles and the hong are exotic and valuable items although not real imperial jade but still at the high end. 

Also the shiny light blue bangle is top notch, if you go shopping there get you bank account in order first otherwise some surprise will come.

They have quite tasteful objects not only the green one there are also other type. It could be useful to come here instead of visiting the casino which is just a short walk away, why? Here you can buy something which keeps value, in the casino you will loose the money anyway, everyone know that but it might have more thrill as a piece of a precious stone. 

Anyway, happy shopping not only at Christmas or Chinese New Year, this is an old year round subject.

Beautiful jadeite jewelry on display.

Jade Shop in Singapore at Lavalier at high end quality one

The Lavalier shop in Sands Casino is a high end one so fill up your bank account first, it gets really expensive, although they have great products. If you are already in town have a look at the visitor center at Orchard Road there is a crowd of highly motivated people who are really committed to the job, they will find the right shop for you, here are some ideas, read more.

For low price items have a look at Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road, but be very careful they also have plastic jade and not only there. If the targets are high end items which good quality, artistically made and with a gorgeous appearance check the shopping mall at the Marina Bay Sands Casino.