Silver Jewelry

Modern Silver Jewelry.

Many people buy silver jewelry because it looks good blend nicely with most colored gemstones and with the right alloy the metal gets a sufficient hardness. This is "Sterling Silver" but it is often tainted to get more money out of it when sold this is very popular in Thailand.

The variants of gemstone mining are covered including the exotic and hidden ones in Myanmar (Burma) where they won’t allow foreigners to visit the places because of smuggling concern. Gem mining is explained here and how pieces of precious jewelry are made with pearls corals and other exotic material. When you watch the pictures you will understand why they say 'diamonds are the girl’s best friends'.

Our website has a strong visual orientation, to bring out the nature of the precious stones minerals and pearls. South Sea Pearls with different colors and sizes. These beautiful little balls are cultivated and jewelry is created from.

A ball chain or bracelet made from them is a real eye-catcher on any women's body and it is not very expensive, one of the spheres above is up to two hundred dollars.

Natural Ruby gemstones are some of the most prominent within the group of precious stones, they belong to the corundum family and are the red version of it. The other are sapphires which include all other colors of the family altogether a glamorous one.

Sapphire gemstones  are the blue version of the corundum family plus all other hues that includes white and pink which makes them almost identical to diamonds actually if one is not a gem specialist they won't be able to see the difference anyway only the refraction or sparkling is a bit less but with a beautiful hue and a reasonable clarity it's just fine.