Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire.

The variety of gemstones cabochons which often come as star sapphires and rubies especially the colors are overwhelming these stones are colorful and precious indeed. 

Jewelry with star sapphire gemstones is something special although it is mined in the Mogok area in Myanmar but the real dealing is going on at Chanthaburi Thailand.

They show a star effect when exposed to a pointed light source or normal daylight. If the light source has the other form it won’t show. Usually, there is a six ray star but very rare 12 ray sparks have been seen.
star sapphire blue

If you are on a slim budget an alternative would be to buy the precious item with synthetic sapphire rings these stones are physically similar to the normal gem actually even better because they don’t have inclusions and the color can be manipulated. They are much less expensive and it is not visible to anyone unless someone has a trained eye and a big magnifying glass. Many people buy those semi-precious stones have some diamonds around and it is a perfect sapphire diamond ring. This reminds me of an incident in Thailand which made a lot of people quickly rich how? somewhere in southern Thailand a policeman died and people made it up that he is a protective spirit now.

pink sapphire stone
Rumors came up that certain amulet with gemstones have been blessed by the man (post mortem!!) and they could avert evil spirits. People bought these things like crazy and made some seller quickly rich that's not a joke, even in the 21 th-century people believe such things