White Jade Bangles

Jade Bangles pure white.

Really amazing bangles and bracelets are created from jade and jadeite they often have a high price tag but not always just see this.

Bangles are one of the very simple forms of jewelry and have been worn by Egyptian and Babylonian queens already since thousands of years ago. 

Jade Bangles

Archaeologists have found evidence of use already over 4000 years ago in South Asia and elsewhere mainly in China.

  • Jade Bangles.

Jadeite bangles carry strong mythological and cultural symbolism in some parts of the world and are for sure great gifts now her we talk about buying a white jade bangle. Keep one basic thing in mind with jadeite bangles there is no way to adjust sizes. If you consider this as an important feature better buy a stretchy jade bracelet.

  • Attractive jadeite jade bangles and bracelets.

Because bracelets are some of the most sought-after jade jewelry an overwhelming variety is available which makes it often difficult to find what color of jade you really like it’s a similar situation with white bangles and pendants.

jade bangle white

There are several parameters which determine the price this is has the jewelry a uniform color preferably saturated green just as fresh grass, how is the translucency, the higher the transparency is the higher the price and is it nephrite (the common “Chinese Jade”) or jadeite which is the Myanmar (Burma) version and usually more expensive because the quality is higher. Here is a short clip to give you an idea how jade jewelry is made. 

Be aware that many crooks manipulate the material to make junk look very good but after w while the “enhancements” disappears and your pretty piece of jade jewelry is what it was before just junk and nobody like that. These pretty little things is made from raw jade mined in north Myanmar as jadeite and elsewhere as nephrite.

  • Pretty white jade bangles.

White and translucent bracelets at a Bogyoke Market shop in Yangon

Other gemstone materials beside of jade are plenty such as wood various metals colored glass and  plastic and various kinds of metals.
  • An interesting version of wooden bangles could be made from teak wood which is also a native product of Myanmar just like jadeite jade 
  • Plastic bangles mainly means fashion jewelry
  • Gold bangles are the second treasures of Indian women and function not only in India as a safe haven for bad times.

There is almost nothing in the shop for less than two thousand dollars but Chinese Ladies buy them without inhibition they think prices will only go up maybe they are right. But today prices are different have a look.

White jadeite bangles with light green and lavender spots

It is a very special clang when jade bangles bang together hardly any other material is similar and since they are one round piece of jewelry it’s even more uncommon. This traditional piece of desire is highly sought after by Chinese Women and sales figures in are constantly going upwards. This are colorful bracelets not only white they are available in almost any hue it just needs a little search most common is the spectrum into light green and the more transparency the piece has the higher the price is some are looking almost like glass.

White jade bangles with silver mounting.

The metal reflects the light back into the stone which lets it shine. Jade Bangles are deep-rooted within the cultures and traditions of China and mainly used from women where pendants are rather used by men but there is a crossover especially in modern times when the guys want to show some macho inspiration they use black material. 
White jadeite bangles with green and lavender inclusions

Some are just used as normal fashion jewelry and  novelties with special color compositions. Many other fashion items are made from such as earrings bracelets cuffs necklaces armlets and what about white jade earrings for a match?

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White jade bangles with some brown spots

Jadeite is well known as an extremely hard durable and semi-precious stone used for variants of jewelry beautiful and highly appreciated by Chinese ladies among other who interpret all kind of mystic parameter into it. Many colors are available which not with the lower priced "sister" called nephrite showing mainly a diffuse green or white. 

In Asia jade is sometimes referred to as the "Eastern Diamond" because the toughness is around diamonds and rubies.Jadeite Jade is a gemstone which is sold also with white color being interpreted as purity somehow similar to white orchids as wedding decoration. 

Appreciated not only for its luster but some Chinese buyer believe that 

Has jade super natural abilities?