White Jade Buddha

White Jade Buddha Statues laughing.

Since the definition white color is rather wide there are many variants with larger spectrum of textures and colors with gold painting and ruby stone dust coating.

Sculptures are made with different ideas such as Buddhist and Chinese plus Indian deities are some of the most prominent objects, since they look good as decorative elements in any room and temple.

beautiful jadeite jade buddha
white jade Buddha with pretty carvings

Since there are thousands of Buddha statues also called images in Buddhist countries it can be difficult to decide which one to buy.  A good start is asking yourself what is the purpose of buying the a pretty Buddha sculpture and what is your budget.

  • Buying a Buddha Sculpture.

The overwhelming idea for buying a Buddha sculpture is decoration which includes some parts of philosophy. One should perhaps also listen to the soul to achieve an inner peace over the meditation that reminds us of the teachings of the Buddha to understand this and to let it flow into the daily life flow and relax.

Be very careful when buying a Buddha statues although when purchasing one in e.g. Myanmar or Thailand  usually its genuine handicraft but don't listen to anyone who want to tell the story of an old or even ancient piece because that is always a lie they just want your money and for that they tell you everything you want to hear on top of it in all  south east Asian countries it is strictly forbitten to export this kind old art so no need to fall victim to some crooks who just cheat you and/or maybe to a corrupt custom guy.     

To overcome this problem buy them on a trip to Thailand or Myanmar e.g. at the Bogyoke Market in Yangon and request a official invoice, In the market they have Jade Buddha statues and carved wood creations plus bronze and brass so there is a good possibility you wont fall into a trap.

A more easy way is buy it here:

white and other sculpture colors

some simple white green Buddhas

a beautiful carved jade white Buddha
a beautiful carved jade laughing white Buddha

After finding a interesting statue its time to do a closer look and for this an inspection of the face should be made. 
  1. That means check if nostrils are present. 
  2. Always look at the ears they should be long ears 
  3. Inspect the style Buddha figures are many among other are gold Buddha oxidized metal other are made from Jade Bronze or simple wood  which means especially in Myanmar teak plus other materials.
  4. Most Buddha statues are showing some mudras that are situations of the "life of Buddha" such as a sitting sculpture or standing walking or other.

white Buddha for sale in Bogyoke market
white jade Buddha with ruby dust
white jade Buddha with ruby dust and purewhite jade Buddha and deity

sitting white jade Buddha price about $ 25 k
magnificent sitting jadeite jade Buddha

white jade Buddha sitting and laughing

How about a laughing Buddha statue to create the ambiance for your living area.