White Jade Jewelry

Wearing unique jewelry.

A typical gemstone to use for that purpose is white jade in the version of nephrite "Chinese Jade" and jadeite (Myanmar Jade, better that the one before) the number one user are Chinese People since they don’t only use it as jewels, they also interpret mystical power into it.

Although everyone talks about “green jade” there are countless other colors, it’s just like in the rainbow, actually even more since there is even black. So if you hunt for a piece of unusual fashion enhancement Jade is the right jewelry especially since the mineral was for the last seven millenniums only appreciated by the Chinese but moves into the “western world” slowly.

white jade bangles with bit of green

The reason is it is an excellent very strong material (only diamond and ruby are harder) and looks good in any form of body ornaments. It also means if it is in the natural form it last forever. They even discovered it in 7000 years old tombs in China looking just like new.

Contemporary jade designs.

white jade jewelry bracelets and some light green

Such as rings pendants bracelets necklaces, ear clips and more which have been crafted into beautiful jewelry.

white jade jewelry bangles

beautiful white jadeite bangles blended with other colors

precious white and green jadeite bangles for sale
unique white jade pendant with high translucency unique white jade pendant with a bit of green color

white jadeite sculpture with other color hues

white jadeite jade sculpture