White Jade Stone

White jade stone color.

Here is quality white jadeite jade from Myanmar and nephrite, among other from Hetian which actually is tremolite. 

There is also some quartzite defined as "Beijing jade" which is looking a bit transparent like glowing glass. 

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Usually pure white natural jadeite jade stone color is not easy to find. Jewelry are mostly bangles / bracelets and pendants and they are real elegant and again the more the translucency the higher the price. Imagine when one of this pretty things fall on a stone floor? Better don't think about it.

For creating sculptures the color is popular, in particular with Buddha Statues, this is one of the reason why people buy them made from jadeite since the shine and texture is fascinating. Some apply ruby and gold dust (see picture below) to make it even better and show contours in a better light, read more.

laughing BuddhaA white Jade Stone Buddha is one of the sought after sculpture in many Asian countries. The reason is to give a spiritual and tranquil touch to a room, it also looks good and shows wealth since they are not cheap at all, in particular when they are over about 50 cm.

White jade Buddha pendantsPendants with this hue are often made transparent because it somehow fits together and is visually exceptional but it comes for a price, means four dollar digit. People are buying them that's the most important for the dealer. 
There is also calcite type called "Afghan Jade", actually this is rather a variant of marble with white color and some translucency. What is the top notch stuff has a simple answer, its Burmese jadeite. Here again it’s the same pattern of definition, they call it the one material but actually it's another, this is often confusing.

White jade Buddha pictures with ruby and gold coating

white and ruby jade stone color statue of a Chinese deity

White jade Buddha statues.

White statues are sought after, this usually are laughing Buddhas, Hindu and Chinese Gods, deities plus exotic oriental works for decoration. Beside of this lavender colored stones are often used for bigger creations since only the lower price for this two colors allow to create larger item in good green they easily get prohibitive expensive.

white jade carving

It is an ideal material to create something precious with stately dimensions to impress. It’s much harder than marble and all other stones, only precious stone such as diamond and ruby are harder. 

White also express purity, when a piece of Buddha art is placed somewhere good visible in the house or in a temple as a sacred sculpture it is very impressive.

Shanghai's Jade Buddha Temple

Probably the most renowned Buddha figures of real white color are in Shanghai's Jade Buddha Temple. They were carried there by the end of the 19th century by a Buddhist Monk from Burma. 

Pretty jade jewelry with beads and balls

The material appears somehow similar to Carrara marble but naturally its much more precious. In China the mineral is mined in Hotan, Yutian usually referred to as Hetian. The minerals and chemical composition in the stone bring the variations of colors, another mineral which look very similar is jasper.

The nephrite jewelry and statues plus other items often come from the Hetian area but that type is optically not very bright, rather dull. That's one of the the reason why people still buy a white jade stone Buddha statues beside of their much higher price. 

white Chinese nephrite stone

white jade sitting Buddha sculpture pictureThe nephrite stone above is one of the two minerals of the family. When it is low in iron content it’s white, this is also known to as "mutton body fat jade" this is the high end expensive variety.

The hardness is low, even with a regular knife engraving can be made. As it is visible buying this mineral needs some expertise otherwise it’s easy to fall into a trap many people open to the non experts. 

White jadeite is more shiny, bright harder, it simply looks better. This precious stone is made into an beautiful sculpture by artists who sometimes spend a month or more to create a real piece of art. 

Only the final object usually looks quite different for "western" eyes, it has a real exotic touch, its a Buddha, maybe an Indian goddess or some mythical Chinese figures, it often takes some fantasy to figure out what it is about.

white jadeite jade bangle

White jade together with a bit lavender are the most popular hues after green. It is always amazing how the artists include different colors in the composition. In resent years some new combinations came into the shops such as statues decorated with ruby and gold dust as shown further above. 

What is Jade culture?

Pure white jade Buddha picture
It is a kind of esoteric special which filled every historical period in China up to now, the difference was before only the rich had access to it, now everyone has.

The neolithic white jade was found in the Liaoning Haicheng Cave but that was a serpentine stone. Although it is not known when it was chosen for body decoration it started with emerald color, this was used by the emperor and the ruling elite.

It was opaque translucent and a glass gloss material of green, yellow, spinach, frog, melons and plum color. Blue and glossy dark green, violet and lavender jade plus lotus color and other varieties.